Nutrition is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle. We have developed a step by step meal plan that allows you to learn how to change your eating habits for the better. We are so confident of this that we welcome you to join our 30 DAY CHALLENGE. We guarantee (or your money-back) that you will lose 15 pounds in 30 days. If you decide to take the your first steps towards a healthier and happier life, follow this program. We feel confident that you will achieve success and develop a new healthier lifestyle.

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STRUT will be alongside you in this journey and encourage you to reach out to us, every step of the way! If you are ready to lose 15 pounds, in 30 days, we can show you how. See actual pictures of members who have joined the 30 Day Challenge. To find out more about better nutrition or how to join, call (818) 674-1312.