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STRUT FITNESS STUDIO exists because we believe in helping people exceed their fitness goal expectations. We work with all of our clients to help them gain strength, speed, mobility and confidence. We also provide young athletes with the proper strength training techniques so they can reduce risk of injury. STRUT provides an environment that will inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and become an improved version of yourself.

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"This is my favorite gym!! This is not your regular Fitness center you actually get results if you show commitment. Jason and Antoine are incredibly talented, extremely educated and always want the best for you with any guidance they can give. They will also give advice with your meal planning, If your serious about your lifestyle change. There are some class schedules to choose from. I personally enjoy the 6 pm class; however in the summer time I try and make it to the 5:30am class since its cooler in the mornings. The studio is super clean, spacious and parking situation is easy. Strut Fitness changed my lifestyle forever."

"The trainers at Strut Fitness Studio are truly some of the most dedicated, hard-working, and kind people I've ever met. Having worked with Jason and Antoine, I've seen how invested they are in their client's goals and will make sure to help you reach the next level in your journey- no matter what level you begin at. Strut is a wonderful place with a positive atmosphere to continually push yourself and get great results. I'm definitely glad to have been introduced to this studio and don't plan on stopping my visits anytime soon!"

"Jason and Antoine are the best at what they do. I cant imagine my life without these trainers. They've changed my whole outlook on the fitness world. The key factors that i've taken back from Strut Fitness is consistency, and to not sell yourself short, always give it your all and you will see results, another factor is to just have fun while working out. Give them a try and you wont regret it. They normally do classes 5:30am & 6pm everyday except 6pm on fridays, cuz c'mon everybody needs a Friday night out!"

"Been training with the STRUT family for 3+ months. I've never felt better or looked better! Jason and his team are energetic and extremely supportive. They are not just trainers, but more like life coaches. I look forward to my workouts everyday!"

"Working out with Antoine motivates me so much more than having to go at it alone. At Strut Fitness Studios the instructors really concentrate on helping you achieve your fitness goals by designing a workout that targets problem areas and stubborn fat! They have personal trainers and group classes that will get you on your way to a fitter you!"

"Jason Sarceda is a wonderful trainer who personalizes the routines to match the individual's workout goals, strengths and weaknesses. He is demanding but always encouraging and with his warm smile helps me push myself just beyond what I thought (or wanted) to do. He also offers daily group classes, morning and evening. A very friendly workout environment."

"Amazing trainers Jason and Antoine...they will push you to do your best! I know their classes are working because my muscles are always sore. I am definitely glad I gave their gym a try....now I'm hooked!"

"What would I do Without these guys?! It's a workout community. They hold you accountable and understand when schedules get hectic."

"Great Team. Love them & hate them every morning! Thanks for the motivation guys!"

"Very supportive, fun classes! No pain, no gain. Results are real!!"

"My 13 year old enjoys the pace of the workout that he is getting in the 6 pm session. Keep up the good work guys!"

Personal Trainers

STRUT trainers are here to motivate and encourage those who are ready to be challenged. Our team believes that every individual is different in regards to their personal fitness goals. Some may feel more comfortable with one-on-one training versus participating in large group setting. Our one-on-one personal training sessions provide an environment where you can work as hard as you need to in order to successfully achieve the results you desire.

Private Training Sessions

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